Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little amusement.

Things go well right now ;)
For 3 weeks we live in our apartment and it´s great!

I already sewed 2 cushion covers in white for the sofa. Very simple, with a velcro closure.

Maybe I will sew some more, for a healthy variety ;)


Yesterday I went to IKEA and bought an extension shelf for my stash. I immediately set it up. Well, I need some more boxes but it´s far better than before!

I also bought skeins of yarn as I wanted to try to crochet socks (and a poncho..).
With a little help of the internet for the heel I finished the first sock of my life today.

I´m surprised of how quick and easy (except for the heel) it was. I´ll definately crochet more in different colors^^ My feet are always cold at home... and they´re soo comfy and warm *-*

I think, I´ll add some embellishments, maybe lace, a crochet flower, buttons...


I´ll better put away all the crafty thingies as I have to do some homework now...nana...

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nyhet said...

Ohh petrol, super Farbe *_*

Außerdem gibts n Blog Award (keine Ahnung, ob du den schon hast, verdient haste ihn jedenfalls :D)