Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sewing, stashing, eating (and a little bit of sleeping, too)

It was time for a little sewing reunion. Bekki came to me 3 weeks ago, for the whole weekend.

We went buying fabric at Maybachufer,

cooked delicious meals (mincemeat-rice-vegetable-mix and sauerkraut with mashed potatos and rostbratwurst) and sewed some time in between.


At friday evening I took off the buttons of my winter coat, did new ones and attached them. This was more time consuming than I thought since it required hand-sewing which I don´t like...
It´s not finished yet, but I like it pretty much.
I wil attach bias tape to the pocket edges and sew a new back closure.


I finished the fabric baskets which waited for months now XD

One is for the cloth pins, one for bread and rolls and the smallest for sewing notions^^


I sewed a test version for a spring jacket. Seems like the pattern is good enough :D But, I guess, it will take some time to sew the real jacket... I need to hurry since I want to take it to Milwaukee...


I sewed a jersey dress and a loop scarf.
Comes in very handy, I love it ;)


That´s how it looked like Saturday night :D


On Sunday morning Jule came for breakfast. Bekki and I prepared "some things".

Quarktaschen with peaches and fruit salad...yummy!


Where´s the mistake?
Ya, right, the seam is wrong side out... Great!
I already fixed it :D
The dress is really comfy and just about the right length. I need to do more!


The stripey jersey dress still needs a hem and the coat the last 2 buttons... I´ll show results as soon as possible :)


Nachtdrossel said...

Mjamm, jetzt bekomme ich Lust auf Obstsalat und Quarktaschen. Die waren aber auch sowas von lecker. :D Das müssen wir unbedingt mal wiederholen. ^^
Ich bin echt gespannt auf den fertigen verzierten Mantel. Die neuen Knöpfe sehen ja schon toll aus. Aber mit weiteren Details wird er noch besser.

Letty said...

ok, JETZT versteh ich wieso du nicht mit auf den Stoffmarkt gekommen bist :D
der gestreifte schal ist total schick und der stoff erst