Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a shame.

Christmas 2008, Nus Weihnachswichteln: I received 2 pillow covers from dryad. They are so darn pretty, but I put them aside keeping in mind I had to buy inlets for them that fit. I never did :D

But a few weeks ago I went to IKEA buying pillow inlets. Today I grabbed the oddest fabric I have.

The protagonists:
pillow covers
IKEA inlet
ugly fabric

I just ripped the fabric in pieces and sewed them together. Quick and dirty :D
I cut the inlet and pulled out the interior. Nice filling for the pillow ;)

Aren´t they beautiful? I wonder what took me so long to care for the covers...

(The sparkling points are pearls.)


Btw, I changed the blog name.


I found this video on another blog: Hilarious!


nyhet said...

oh die kissen *untern arm klemm und weglauf*

Nachtdrossel said...

Oh wie schön, endlich haben sie eine passende Füllung bekommen. Manchmal brauchen die kleinsten Dinge am längsten ;)

Fel said...

I saw that video somewhere else as well - it's amazing!
As are those pillowcases. :D

Noctua said...

Du wurdest getaggt! :)