Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the park.

Two weeks ago we had a picnic, so I needed to sew the picnic throw.

I also prepared the sandwiches, lemonade, peppermint tea, fruit and peanut butter cookies (original American recipe!).

It was the perfect opportunity to use the polkadot patchwork I sewed ages ago.
And it was soo relaxing.


Zelde said...

I like it, it's so nice and colourful. I envy the weather too *stares out into the rain*

nyhet said...

Jaaa...die Decke, die Decke!!

Nachtdrossel said...

Ich möchte auch ein Picknick machen! Jetzt! Sofort! Mit dieser Decke ^^
Sieht richtig sommerlich aus.