Monday, June 20, 2011

craft room redecoration

I was so full of motivation the one day, that I did some decoration for the sewing room (still too much white walls!).

The miniature hat was made by Nachtdrossel for WGT 2009 for me. It needed an appropiate long-term residence, as well as the white frame and purple canvas.

The folders hold my Burda magazines and my sewing patterns. I glued gift paper on them. (Sorry, for the crappy pictures...)

And now I´m going to reveal how my entire craft room looks like now ;)


Pandorra said...

Du meine Güte, wie toll sieht das denn aus?!

Nachtdrossel said...

Das sieht echt toll aus. Auch der Rahmen kommt gut zur Geltung. Freu mich schon aufs Nähcamp, dann kann ich die Pracht auch live bewundern. :)