Saturday, August 6, 2011

Polkadots everywhere!

I *love* polkadots. And recently I found some cute fabric not knowing what to do with it. Later, it was pretty obvious it has to become a curtain for my sewing room!

Since I have no fun pom-pom trim, I crocheted it myself. 80cm and a lot of work.


crochet yarn: Catania by Schachenmayr #128, #222, #219


Nachtdrossel said...

Und sie macht sich echt gut im Nähzimmer. Das dunkle Garn ist echt schön, tolle Farbe.
Pünktchen kannst du glaub ich nie genug haben, obwohl du ja schon mal reichlich auf dem Hollandmarkt mitgenommen hast! XD

Monika Wright said...

This is an awesome trim you've created, just love it! After reading through several of your posts, it doesn't appear that there's a thing you can't do.

I used to live in Berlin back in the 80's and just watched a movie last night {The Unknown} set in Berlin...then I visit you and you're living in Berlin. Small world.

Have Fun and Craft On!

aeon said...

What a fun coincidence, Monika ;)
I hope you liked Berlin. Although it´s pretty long ago and a lot changed, I guess.

Thank you for your compliment. I´m always looking for new things I can explore!