Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back and almost broke.

Hey there!
I´m back from my trip to the U.S. (Milwaukee and Chicago)
It has been fabulous! I´m really glad I took the chance :)

I went shopping at Michaels (luv it!) and Hobby Lobby, and a scrapbookng store in Cedarburg. I spent way too much money on craft supplies, but they had lots of things I wouldn´t get that easy or cheap in Germany. The scrapbooking paper selection included hundreds!!! of papers. Never seen anything like this before.

After shopping again today, I created some magnets.
They´re very simple, but gorgeous, I think.

Apart from that I´m crocheting now and then.
That´s how far I´ve come yet on my queen size blanket. I started it in October 2010.

As I´ve got some days left of spring break, I´ll try to do some more sewing and crafting. I don´t know whether there will be time the next weeks or not ;)

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nyhet said...

jippie du bist wieder da^^ passenderweise hatte ich heute deine karte im briefkasten!! :) wann gibts fotos?